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November 2018
“Atallah Law Group is the best!. Celine has a lot of experience. She’s very helpful. I recommend her for every immigration case needed. For that she deserves 5 stars.”

– Mahran Alassaf on Google

November 2018
“Atallah Group is the best, specially Mrs. Celine for her great job on my wife’s case. I recommend her for every immigration case needed. She deserved more then 5 stars.”

– Elias Chalita on Google

October 2018
“Celine did a great job, she was very helpful and gave guidance all over my case. She’s a very friendly person who you can contact anytime easily without any refuse. I really recommend her on every case someone need it. Thank you for your perfect job!!”

– Jessika Hamade on Google

September 2018
“All big up to Celine and the entire group for taking up my case. I will recommend anyone who has a tough case with USCIS to contact Celine for anything. My case was tough but after contacting Celine they approved my case in a day and receive my green card in two days.”

– Delice on Google

June 2018
“My best decision was to have contacted Celine, she’s very kind and educated, she helped me to get my talent visa in a very short time, I recommend it to all who are looking for help with immigration.”

– George on Avvo

May 2018
“I really recommend her she is awesome.”

– Kat Velazquez on Google

March 2018
“Hello everyone, I highly recommend attorney Celine Atallah for all immigrations cases. My case was very complicated and tough but she made it happen. Also, she used everything in the law to help my case, even though a lot of attorneys refused to take my case and said it was impossible. She is an angel that god sends her to help people from her heart. Honestly, she works for each case she has as the most important thing and with all care. Thank you very much you saved my life.”

– Nouf Alsharif on Google

March 2018
“Celine did an amazing job and I would recommend seeing her for any problem with your loved ones immigration papers. My husbands’ papers were all set and ready within the time frame she told us. She was always easy to reach over the phone or email or even a text for any questions/issue.”

– Raghed Nakkoul on Google

January 2018
“Celine deserves really more than five stars as an attorney, she was very cooperative and helpful, she handled my non immigration visa case in a great way and refused to take from me money when I asked her consultation by phone, she opened my sight to many important issues in my rights, she can be easily contacted. She will always get to my mind in any case or consultation, and I strongly recommend her to any attorney seeker. Thank you Celine for being gracious and supportive.”

– Ola Hassan on Google

January 2018
“As Atallah Law group Client, I was more than satisfied with her help. She handled my case to apply for my American Passport. She was very friendly and formal. With her great help, I was able to get my passport fast and without facing any issues. Thank you Celine and you deserve more than five stars. I really appreciate your help and will recommend you to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer.”

– Ola Hassan on Google

December 2017
“This Attorney deserves more than five stars, she was handling my fiance’s case, she brought her to the United States in less than 6 month and she followed up everything with us till the end. Really you guys don’t have to worry with her she will do her best to provide the best result for you, she’s perfect and brave, really thank you Celine for your support and encouragement God Bless you!”

– Rabih Chahine on Google

July 2017
“We were recommended to contact Celine Atallah for a family immigration matter. After contacting her we had no doubt that she has immense knowledge in US Immigration law. Not only she guided and advised us regarding our immigration matter professionally but she handled our case with successful results. I would highly recommend Celine to anyone that needs an immigration attorney due to her expertise, attention to detail and ability to understand your situation and build a case that is most appropriate for a potentially favorable outcome.”

– Lina Z. on Yelp

December 2016
“Professionalism ,integrity and compassionate advocacy. That’s what makes Celine Atallah the finest immigration lawyer in MA. She handled our case professionally and thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Celine to anyone needing immigration help in the Boston Area.”

– Saleh on Avvo

October 2016
“This attorney is great. She has represented us with some immigration issues. The issues were taken care of in less time than we expected. She was always there to answer any questions we had. Returned our calls promptly. She really exceeded our expectations. Thank you Celine.”

– Sam Youssef on Google

May 2016
“Celine is an excellent lawyer, she helped my mom and we won the case. Thank you Celine for everything you did.”

– Beego G. on Yelp

November 2015
“Celine was a tremendous help for my husband and I. She successfully helped us navigate the marriage visa process and I would recommend her to anyone needing help with their green card journey. As a UK citizen marrying a US citizen, Celine could not have made it easier and knew all the answers to my questions. Thanks again Celine!”

– Alice on Avvo

June 2015
“Celine Atallah helped my mom regain her immigration legal status as an American resident. While this looked like an overwhelming process to me, she handled the process with ease. Celine is a great attorney with excellent knowledge of the legal system especially Immigration Law.

She was always well prepared, providing a wealth of information that you can easily understand, kept you informed through all available mediums (phone, email, text and letters). She has the willingness to go the extra mile to receive favorable results in an ethical manner.

Celine Atallah sets high standards for herself, she is compassionate and dedicated. With these qualities, I highly recommend Celine as a lawyer who will bring you favorable results.”

– Charlotte Laza on Avvo

January 2015
“Celine was very helpful in my process of receiving permanent resident status, If you need some help, i recommend Celine Atallah. I am so thankful with all her help and knowledge. FOR ANY QUESTION SHE HAS THE ANSWER, EVERYTHING was easy and fast. I live in NY and I had her to drive me in my case. Big distance and big and fast results!!”

– Tatjana on Avvo

January 2015
“I found Celine to be most helpful in helping me through the process of receiving my permanent resident status, she was very easy to work with as well as her knowledge about imigration law. If you need some help, i recommend Celline Atallah . I am so thankful with all her help and knowledge.”

– Lilina on Avvo