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Female closeupSince its inception, the United States has always been a place for people to find safety from oppression and fear in their home countries. Those who are persecuted in their home countries often escape to safety within the US borders. The US government allows persons who are likely to suffer, or has suffered, persecution in their home country to apply for asylum, which can eventually lead to legal permanent residency.

What is Asylum?

Asylum is the discretionary procedural remedy available to an alien with a well-founded fear of prosecution in any home country, regardless of any refugee designations by the president, when the alien is either physically present in the United States land border or port of entry. The ultimate result of asylum status is adjustment of status to permanent residence. Application for Asylum must be filed within one year of the alien’s entry to the United States, although there are certain exceptions to this rule on occasions

What is Withholding of Removal?

Withholding of removal is a similar but mandatory remedy, applied for under the same process as Asylum, and usually simultaneously. This petition usually prevents the Department of Homeland Security from physically removing the alien to a particular country after a removal order, but the alien may still be removed to another country (if possible), and the alien does not thereby qualify for permanent residence.

Why you should hire Atallah Law Group, LLC for your Asylum case?

At Atallah Law Group, LLC, our immigration team is experienced and prepared to represent you with your Asylum case. Like most areas of immigration law, asylum cases can be quite complicated.