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ProfessionalsHiring Skilled or Unskilled Labor in New England

Any employer looking to hire skilled or unskilled foreign labor must demonstrate a shortage of qualified, willing, and able U.S. workers for the job requested and must obtain a labor certification from the Secretary of Labor. 

How We Can Help You with PERM Labor Certification

At Atallah Law Group in North Andover, Massachusetts, we have extensive immigration law experience and have been helping employers through the legal issues surrounding the alien labor certification process and the regulations established by the U.S. Department of Labor. Our law firm assists both New England employers and potential employees in filing the necessary applications and ensuring they meet all the requirements. Call us today to schedule your initial consultation. 

We Guide Businesses Through the Recruitment Process

The PERM process is generally required whether you are seeking to recruit foreign employees, sponsor a specific employee for a temporary work visa, or sponsor an employee’s employment-based green card.

Regulations governing the recruitment of foreign employees are designed to prevent U.S. workers from losing employment opportunities to foreign workers within a particular job category. At Atallah Law Group, we advise you on the steps you must go through in order to complete the recruitment requirement. We ensure your business complies with the recruitment regulations to avoid unnecessary delays or denial of your application. We make sure that the necessary paperwork are filed in a timely manner, and we will also establish an account for you with the Department of Labor so application materials can be submitted online.

Labor certification must be completed within a specific amount of time after the recruiting process begins.