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Doctor CloseupThere are many immigration options available for health care workers to enter the United States. If you are a health care worker with a background as a physician, nurse, pharmacist, medical technologist, care giver, or bio-medical engineer, and if you are looking to live and work in the United States, we can help you through all stages of your visa application process.

Whether you are seeking an H-1B visa or permanent residence (Green Card), we have the experience and the professional skill to guide you through your immigration case.

A health care worker seeking a temporary professional H-1B work visa must be sponsored by an employer in the United States, and paid at the prevailing wage for similarly situated US workers. H-1B applicants must be licensed in the state in which they intend to be employed unless they are ineligible for a state license due to the lack of a social security number. Along with the requirement of possessing a university degree for the job sought, H1-B applicants must obtain a visascreen certificate, which certifies that their education is equivalent to the required degree in the U.S. and that they are proficient in English.

Health care professionals are generally exempt from the H-1B visa annual cap

Therefore, they can apply at any time without worrying that their applications will be denied because too many H-1B visas have already been issued in any given year.

To obtain a green card for a foreign health care physician, a U.S. employer must demonstrate that he or she is unable to locate a U.S. physician to fill the position.